the tribata group.

Tribata is an international supplier of supply chain and procurement services to large scale projects for developers, builders and hotel operating groups. Tribata specialise in providing building products and services that include, bathroom and sanitary products, joinery, flooring and glass products including window wall, curtain wall and double glazed windows. With almost 30 years’ experience and brands that are well respected within the industry, you can rest assured that Tribata products are of the highest quality and provide great value to customers.

We are dedicated to bringing you thoroughly tested, meticulously designed and quality products that are unmatched industry wide. Our products are designed and can be customised to suit any type of interior design, allowing us to satisfy a wide variety of customer preferences. This flexibility and service allows us to ensure the needs of our customers are met.Our brands are as diverse as the customers we serve. We market our sanitary ranges under the Novelli, Bastow and Centique brands respectively.

These brands and their products are renowned for their impeccable design, reliability, simple installation and value.